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Electric Choice and Houston

Residents of about 75% of the state of Texas now have Electric Choice. Electric Choice is when residents have the power to choose their own electricity company. This includes Houston. Before these Texans were given Electric Choice, a single electric company was responsible for the sale, transmission, as well as the distribution of electricity to both businesses as well as residential customers. Houston's deregulation became effective on January 1, 2002. With that, Houston residents can now show and compare for the best deals and service from the different electricity providers in their area.

Previously, electricity customers in Houston didn't have any options to choose from when it came to selecting where they received their electricity. That all changed after the Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 7 (SB7). When that law became effective on January 1, 2002, residents in cities like Houston can select from many different providers that offer electricity in different markets. The markets are broken down now into multiple electricity providers, and the competition that is created helps lower the electricity rates for consumers in Houston and throughout different regions in Texas. As it stands now, over three quarters of Texas now has the right to choose their own electricity provider, including millions of residents of Houston that have already done so and are reaping the rewards that come with their right to choose.

If you would like to learn more about Texas electric choice, visit the Bounce Energy Education Center.
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I became one of Bounce Energy's first customers when they opened their doors and asked me to switch to their service. Since deregulation, I had never once looked into doing this, so I thought it might be a move I would come to regret. They offered a lot of incentives like rebates and rewards that got my attention. I'm happy to say that not only did the transition go smoothly, but they have kept their promises and have not had to be reminded to deliver what they promised to me. The rebates appear automatically on my statements and rewards show up in the mail. When my bills are paid automatically with a credit card charge I am notified with an email every time. Because they communicate so effectively through the web and email, I never have to use the phone. I highly recommend this company.
Jerald R., Houston, TX